Google + Comes to The App Store and The New Beta of IOS 5 Arrives by Air, Campus Cupertino

We started a new edition of Cupertino campus, the weekly review of the most important innovations of iOS that you approach from Applesfera. If you are new in the section, I also recommend the summary that my colleague Juan Carlos will also do on Android from Xataka Android.

Week relaxing in the iOS universe: the world Apple has been more slope of greeting her at the market of OS X Lion, the new operating system for Macs. That is not to say that we not start week trying Lebowski12 Iberia, a turn-by-turn Navigator for interesting iOS. And continue with browsers, but this time from the Internet, to speak of iChromy, an alternative browser for iPad complete. It is never more have several options to choose from.

Tired of so much travel, road and web? Don’t worry, a good sofa and The Police Story you will maintain a good time entertaining. And change of third to welcome one of the most awaited apps in recent weeks: that of the new social network Google +. While some small features of the Android version, missing the general feeling has been very good.

And all this while Eric Schmidt gets mad with Apple accusing it of lack of innovation. These fights in high places always have seemed to me absurd: both companies need each other, and we, the users, want to have that competition.

Relax a bit with a little game Bike Baron, which say that it is one of the best motorcycle for iOS games. And in addition, universal, the same app is for iPhone and iPad version. Comes out in August, not go running to the App Store even & #8230;

We ended up with a super analysis of Fernando to Blogsy, an app for iPad that allows blogging comfortably from your device. Loved him. Just as I have loved to the beta testers of iOS 5 comes the new version via OTA (Over The Air), a possibility that Android and BlackBerry users already enjoyed and that many expected in iOS. Here came the review, I I am leaving with my bike from Apple and see you the coming week! Eat many apples!

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