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You can follow along here on the page when the HTC, Samsung and Microsoft goes on stage in Barcelona

Mobile World Congress is coming-almost as. Sunday 1 August. March is known to be tyvstartens today, where many of the major manufacturers antræder launch stage, to unveil their latest products. has gathered Sunday’s highlights that offers new flagships from HTC and Samsung, and also included Microsoft’s Livestream, which takes place tomorrow, Monday the 2. March 08.30 o’clock.


The taiwainesiske tech-giant, HTC, will go on stage p.m. Danish time to reveal their latest sequel to One generation, namely the M9.

HTC has, traditionally, been the victim of numerous leaks that almost has confirmed One M9s appearance and specifications, and you can read more about what we do here. Similarly, the Internet tipped for motorhjelms components of a luxury-big brother named M9 Plus, which you can read more about here.

If you are excited and eager sitting in front of your computer at this Sunday to follow today’s revelations, you can see with including in streamed live, which will go live p.m. when HTC’s new design darling will be revealed.

Are you for more excitement and entertainment, says Samsung ready Bell 18.30 to cover your needs.

The next generation of the popular Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S6, stands to be revealed along with a curved brother of a companion, namely S6 Edge.

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The big attraction at this year’s Samsung-bud, is the expected shift in materials of Samsung. The quality frarøvende chrome-plated plastic, according to rumors and læks should be thrown out in favor of a aluminumsprydende framework, which promises the general appearance of Samsung’s flagship.


You can return to this page for more tech-exciting news tomorrow, Monday the 2. March.

Here, Microsoft will step on the stage in Barcelona for revealing what their last shot at tribe.

In contrast to Sunday’s entertainers, Microsoft manages to keep the cards close to your body and it is yet to know what they will pollinate the population with.