Flashlight that Releases Electric Shock High Voltage Wire Is Sold

A flashlight that releases electrical charges equivalent to those of a high-voltage wire is being sold as if it were a harmless and equipment can be found in street trading of the two largest cities in the country. Just a shock that taser can even kill.

The engineer measured the electrical charge released by flashlight. Adding what was recorded in two voltmeters, we reached 8000 volts. The same amount found in high-voltage electric network. A charge considered high and that brings serious health risks, depending on the exposure time, among other factors.

“If your skin is wet, the amount of current that will arrive in your organism is greater than on dry skin.It can cause cardiac arrest, Yes, can be lethal, “says Olga Souza, President of the society of Cardiology of Rio de Janeiro.

The popular trade in downtown Rio de Janeiro has been the target of various operations to combat the sale of stolen goods or illegal. Even so, the production of good morning Brazil found the lantern that gives shock. And who sells the buyers are trying to protect themselves from burglars who act in this region.

The product is not exposed, but three stalls had the Lantern to sell

Good Morning Brazil: You said you have enough people taking.
Seller: There, a lot of people.

And sellers talk about the effect caused by shock.

Good Morning Brazil: Do you think it hurts so much?
Seller: Tips, tips, tips cool.

In Sao Paulo, the lantern that gives shock was found in the immediate vicinity of the street March 25, a great popular Trade Centre.

The use of electric stun gun is controlled by the Brazilian Army. The weapon known as the taser is used by the military police of Rio de Janeiro, for example, for 13 years.

Already the sale and use of the flashlight are not controlled by the army. The military police of Rio de Janeiro also claims that the flashlight is not considered gun controlled use.

The product is Chinese. And the manual doesn’t bring correct information, according to professor of electrical engineering. The tension described in the instructions is very high, of 1 million volts, similar to that released by lightning discharge. “This tension she has no place. You cannot use this type of Setup with a manual with very little information and unreliable. The person is risky itself have problems with this type of equipment, “says David Martins Vieira.

And here comes the game of pushing. The authorities in the area of public safety that were heard by the production of good morning Brazil in Rio and in São Paulo, said that responsibility for overseeing this flashlight is the shock army. The army says that the product is not controlled so the subject is not a matter for him.