Etxeberria and “Skin of The South”: The MBFWM Pays Tribute to Man

The other day in the advancement of the Madrid fashion week news, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, We lanzábamos a question to a group of Spanish bloggers that had to do with that if they considered us deserved a strictly male fashion week.

Most were confident that this would be possible, but without forgetting that Spain it lacks to go a long way in fashion for men. Everyone agreed on one thing, however, praise the work of the firm Etxeberria and today we are going to present its parade and its collection.

Why?: merits not missing to Roberto Etxeberria who has won two editions of the EGO and now makes its way in off cibelino. Another important thing that I teach it you is because if we do not support among us as we want to advance the menswear is Spain? and finally, because I love the quality with which the designer works.

The parade began in a very relaxed way, with a raw tone and while pattern work is always tricky in the silhouettes of the designer, the outfits were displayed with a clean result and approaching the border of minimal.

Little by little the thing was complicated as regards fabrics. We already saw layers overlays and the designer proposed a mix of fabrics in the own garments. Example of this is the pleat which has appeared on shirts or jackets where the grey and white were protagonists.

This without neglecting tones as the albero. The collection is called “Skin of the South” and as you might expect, this tone was going to be very present. And not only in the clothes, shoes, a marvel, have been moved between different shades of this color.

The twins Juan and César Hortoneda, that opened the parade, they were responsible for “opening” another stage of the show where the skin was in clothes already in a very delicate way – and even sophisticated. And the way to do it was with these Bermuda with appliques of skin on the sides that reminds a little clothing for horse riding.

Draft at buff, something very typical Mediterranean, which in past seasons for industry Dolce & Gabanna, I won.

In the last stage we have seen two colors of “pure race” are the Red or black. We evolve into night and this time do it with short jackets, and in Velvet applique or elements of bullfighting. Shine is not so difficult and Etxeberria wants the men to do it.

And in a way, one year more, got the applause of an entire industry that surrendered to his way of making fashion, fashion capitals. It can be more or less your style or not, but garments recognizes quality beyond the result altogether. Long live Etxeberria in men’s fashion. Roberto, continues that fantastic road.