Editor’s Choice-Clock Theme: Blue

When it comes to watches commonly trendcyklerna to be significantly longer than in fashion. This could range from sizes, materials, and not least during a boettform, or a couple of decades now dominate the market. Today we want to strike a blow for a category of watches you may not be able to call for the trend but that definitely are represented in the majority of manufacturers today. We talk about bells with blue theme.

What made me sit down and write this article is actually that I recently reflected on how my own preferences looks when it comes to watches. First, what I bought and prefer to wear but also what I like on the other.

Editor's Choice-Clock Theme Blue 1

Just watches with blue plaques tend always to sing to me, especially in combination with a case in white metal, but also against the yellow-gold or roséfärgat. Blackboards have their charm but often give very hard contrast and white boards can instead be perceived as somewhat sterile.

When it comes to watches with blue theme, it is mainly the dial and possibly leather bands that we’re talking about. I myself prefer a darker shade that depending on light can go from midnight blue to bright blue.

What are some extra nice with bells in blue is that they work surprisingly well in both dressy as free version. A more elegant Midnight Blue dressklocka plate and matching belts in alligator can be fantastic to a tuxedo just like a classic diver’s watch with bright blue plate is ideal in informal contexts.

I’ve picked out a few of my favorites in various price-which product categories.

Audemars Piguet-Royal Oak

Gerald Genta designed 1972 what would become one of clock history’s greatest classics for Audemars Piguet. The model is called the Royal Oak and the AP recently launched model in gulguld with the same dark blue canvas like the steel version. Price: 540 300 kr

Patek Philippe-Nautilus

Gerald Carlos other storta masterpiece designed Patek Philippe and launched four years after Royal Oak made a success of AP. Board has a ribbed structure and shift from clear blue to grey depending on the light.
Price: 235 000 kr.


Omegas Globemaster belongs to the Constellation series and fitted with the company’s most precision safe Co-Axial-works tested by RIGHT-ANGLED to get classified as Master Chronometer. The classic so-called “Pie-Pan” in dark blue matched this with an alligator strap in the same shade for a more dressy look. Price: 60 600 kr (also top picture)

Editor's Choice-Clock Theme Blue 2

Jaeger LeCoultre-Reverso

Jaeger’s iconic model Reverso is usually associated with a silver plate but also in a model Duoface dark blue painting on the back of the watch. A versatile choice that gives two watches in one and that can display two time zones simultaneously. Price: 115 000 kr.

Tag Heuer-Principality of Monaco

Model, the Principality of Monaco from TAG Heuer (or Heuer depending on how you look at it) was almost immortal after Steve Mcqueen may refer to it on the right arm in the film Le Mans in 1970 ‘s. The model contained one of the world’s first automatic chronograph movement (CAL. 11) launched, in principle, exactly the same time as the Zenith El Primero. Price: 59 500 kr


Tudor has since 50 ‘s more or less been known as Rolex’s little brother. Through the decades, they have divided cases, links, and in some cases only differed in terms of movements. In recent years, Tudor undeniably demonstrated that it stands on its own and my favorite is scuba diving at Pelagos. It is a real “Tool Watch” and are available with bright blue Board, ceramic Crown and rubber strap or steel bracelet.
Price: SEK 40 090.


Rolex is perhaps the most famous model diving watch Submariner who first launched in 1954 at the Basel fair. In its current range has the discreet elegant version in white gold with bright blue Board and wreath. Price: 329 050 SEK.

Swatch-Sir Blue

Editor's Choice-Clock Theme Blue 3

Is there any watch maker in the budget segment that I have a osviktande respect for it is Swatch. Not that they would produce some horologiska masterpiece but to more or less saved the Swiss watch industry from going under in the early 80 ‘s. Since then they had their own esthetics rather than trying to shoe on design from luxury manufacturers, I find also additional tastefully. Model Sir Blue is of the classic size of 34 mm and is ideal if you want to have a robust option for bad holiday. Price: 530 kr.