Despite the Glitches, Clock Shows Useful

To understand smartwatches, you first have to answer a basic question: why do people, even with cell phones in their pockets, still wear watches?

The answer may vary.Some will say that the watch is just a fashion accessory used to enhance the personal image;While many will argue that it is more practical to check the wrist hours than to take a cell phone out of a pocket.

It is for the last group that smartwatch works.It takes a lot of functionality from a smartphone to your wrist, trying to make everything more intuitive, agile and especially practical.

Despite the Glitches, Clock Shows Useful 1

The idea is that you do not have to take your phone out of your pocket to answer a call, turn up the music, or even take a quick picture.You can understand the accessory a bit better when watching our article about smartwatches, in the link below this video.

In the race to win this audience, Samsung launched Galaxy Gear, but was not the first big company to venture into this market.Sony, for example, is already in the second generation of its smart watches.

So let’s get to know Gear better, sold in Brazil for approximately one thousand three hundred reais.

The screen is 1.69 inches, with resolution of three hundred and twenty pixels by three hundred and twenty pixels and density of two hundred twenty-seven pixels per inch.The AMOLED display, protected by Gorilla Glass, displays everything with good sharpness for a watch.

The Gear comes with four gigabytes of internal memory, USB input, three hundred and fifteen milliamper hours and Bluetooth Smart, which consumes little power and connects to the smartphone.

The battery, which lasts only one day, is the weak point of the device.But in reality we’re used to recharging smartphones on a daily basis, it does not seem the end of the world to do the same with smartwatch.

The accessory comes with just a physical button on the side that works as Home.It weighs seventy-four grams, is eleven millimeters thick and the bracelet can be exchanged for others of different colors.

On the bracelet, you still find a 1.9 megapixel camera, capable of recording videos in 720p.The quality of it is a pleasant surprise.The photos look really good if we consider they were taken with a watch.Although, most of the time, you will probably prefer to shoot with the cell phone.Even so, the Gear camera can be useful for quick and discreet clicks.

Despite the Glitches, Clock Shows Useful 2

There are also two speakers, which allow you to use the watch on the left or right wrist.Talking with someone through Galaxy Gear is a very strange but curious experience.It’s hard to know if it will please most people or not.Basically, it is necessary to take the watch to the ear, almost as if holding an invisible cell phone.It is practical but tiring.

You can make and receive calls directly from Gear, leaving the smartphone longer in your pocket.But there is a flaw here: the logging of links is not synchronized.So if you answer a call on your cell phone, it will not be recorded on the clock, and vice versa.

An interesting point is the S Voice, which responds to a series of voice commands.The feature works in Portuguese, but it is not the smartest to recognize what the user says.Also, depending on the speed of your band, it may take too long to bring results.The feature could also start to allow the writing of emails, since it only works with SMS messages.

Gear supports some applications especially developed for clocks, such as Evernote and Path.There are still very few options, but scarcity is natural for a product that has not yet proved its worth to the world.Available applications are usually interesting.

Finally, Gear’s worst flaw: integration with social networks.While alerting users to notifications coming through social networks, you need to pull the smartphone out of your pocket to check out the news.The feature does not seem to be very useful, as well as deconcentrating people and encouraging them not to take their eyes off the phone.

For now, Gear works only with Galaxys Note 2 and 3, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S4. The proposal, as we have said, is to be an intermediary between the smartphone and the person, but the connection only works at short distances of around three meters.
Worth it?

We were amazed at the Galaxy Gear.When it was released, much of the international press detonated the device in its reviews.It is true that the watch is far from perfect, but neither is it a complete failure.

Gear has helped us understand the usefulness of a smart watch.However, it still lacks a lot in relation to what it is proposed to be, especially in the integration with social networks.In the end, it gives the impression that it was rushed out just to address marketing issues.

Despite the Glitches, Clock Shows Useful 3

Considering the price of one thousand three hundred reais, we do not recommend buying, unless you have a lot of money left over.Anyway, it is worth keeping an eye on the next smartwatches, especially those of Samsung.After all, the concept of wearable technologies has a lot of potential.