COS Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013. a Simplistic and Effective Campaign

COS (Collection of Style), the most sophisticated label belonging to the Swedish giant H & M, still preferring the same aesthetic simplistic and minimalist Why have opted since its inception. A simple and very effective style that always surprises us with small touches of style.

We review the latest campaign for the Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013. A proposal full of perfect basic timeless of wardrobe, in colors and fabrics rather than appealing to the new station, and also with good value for money.

One of the entrees for the new season are the sartorial parts, dress pants shot high with straight legs and great fall fabrics, or sober coats very well marked shoulders. Parts made of cashmere wool and presented in looks where reigns the classic black and white, pairing a chromatic duo that never fails.

Another point to be highlighted are the knitted garments. For this year are committed by strong silhouettes, as a quadrangular Court Cardigan, or the tight turtlenecks point fine Swan with canale sleeves.

To fit, also they choose by simple models. Ankle boots round toe, or pointed shoes, both manufactured in Matt finish skin. The accesorizacion is almost non-existent, a tie at best, thus reinforcing the idea of simplicity. And it is that as we can see, these items speak for themselves, do not need many ornaments to look alive.