Confirmed: The Nexus 6 P Carries an AMOLED Samsung Panel of Last Generation

When we learned that the Nexus 6 p led a AMOLED Panel a question came up to us: we suspected that it was a Samsung panel and it has finally happened but we were afraid that the Koreans not to give into its latest generation of displays, which use the current bumper range of Samsung. A confirmation from Google a few hours ago that we breathe calm.

If Hiroshi Lockheimer confirmed us that traces of the Nexus were not stored in the cloud, it has also tapped its passage by Reddit to affirm that the 6 p manufactured by Huawei uses the cutting-edge technology of Samsung. In addition, according to, they have been very careful with your choice because they wanted the best possible.

High range also on the screen

The Member of the team at Google Nexus says that during the manufacture of the Nexus 6 p wanted the AMOLED of the highest possible quality and put very high requirements: a white balance accurate, check the variation of Delta-E and the color space to be as precise as possible. Are grateful that they have made an effort to take care of something that is so important in the high-end today.

Hiroshi words make us think what we will see in this phone will be the same technology that have the S6’s this year, removing the curvature of the screen that Yes. Good news because the AMOLED sometimes present very uneven results, but although they offer many virtues (pure black, the best technology possible to use Ambient Display…) is not perfect.

In very technical tests as DisplayMate latest AMOLED panels scored very high. However, they are not exempt from failures and it sometimes has a slightly cool white balance and spots occur on the screen when they are long on or displaying the same image for a long.

That said, we can only wait for the Nexus 6 p us to analyze it and see if it is really so good mobile as it seems. Although with the camera at the beginning there were doubts with the increase size of the photo sensors (the ultrapixeles not convinced us) it seems that this time they have done so well. To that must be added to a large battery and a screen that also promises. Pity that the price is going to be a little high.