Comprehensive Guide to Diadem

Before entering fully into the meaning of the term diadem, we will proceed to discover its etymological origin. In that case, we can establish that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically “diadema”. This, in turn, comes from the Greek “diadem”, which can be translated as “ribbon that surrounds the tiara”, which came to exercise as a symbol of what royal power was.

A diadem is called a jewel or a female adornment that is used on the head. The headbands are pieces with the appearance of a half crown, which are open at the back. It can also be an open hoop that allows you to hold your hair back.

The concept can even be used as a synonym for crown or halo (with respect to the circle that is drawn on the head of the saints).

Diadems were already used in ancient times to adorn the head. Many times they consisted of beads in the shape of flowers or leaves. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, in addition, diadems were used as a recognition or award.

In this framework, the athletes who were winners of a competition were distinguished with a headband made up of laurel or olive branches . Something similar happened with the Roman emperors.

Gods of mythology such as Bacchus, Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, Venus and Apollo, on the other hand, are usually portrayed with diadems, as are those individuals who were deified.

Thus, Bacchus wore a diadem of clusters, Jupiter wore one of laurel, Juno wore it of quince leaves, Minerva wore an olive diadem, Venus showed it of roses and myrtle while Apollo also wore it of laurel.

However, many other figures in mythology wore diadems. Thus, Saturn had one of figs, Ceres had it of wheat thorns, Hercules showed one of poplar and Mercury of moral or olive ivy.

At a general level, it can be said that any open bow or ring is a headband. That is why nowadays we usually talk about a headband with reference to headphones that have a structure to fix them to the head.

Precisely a few years here, headband headphones have become fashionable again. And they have done so because they bring with them an important series of advantages, such as these:

-One of its most relevant benefits is that they offer better sound quality than other headphones.

-Sometimes, they incorporate a microphone that is ideal for talking when, for example, you are chatting with someone through an app installed on your computer or when you are enjoying online games.

-They have a good value for money.

-They are more comfortable to carry from one place to another, because they can be worn around the neck.

Costa Diadema, finally, is the name of a boat from the Costa company . This cruise ship has more than 1,800 cabins, seven restaurants, eleven bars, a four-story spa, three swimming pools, a theater, a 4D cinema, a nightclub, a casino, a library and a shopping center.


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