Comprehensive Guide to Custody

In Latin is where the etymological origin of the term custody that now concerns us is found. Specifically, we can say that it emanates from “custodia”, which means “guard” and that, in turn, emanates from “custos”, which can be translated as “guardian”.

Custody is about the action and effect of guarding (keep with care and vigilance ). For example: “The accused was placed in the custody of the Federal Police”, “A guard is in charge of the custody of the building”, “Can I leave my dog ​​in your custody for a few days? I have to travel for work and I can’t take it with me”.

The person who is in charge of guarding a prisoner, a building or a valuable object is also known as custody: “The fugitive murdered his custody and escaped from the vehicle that was taking him to jail”, “The custody of the palace was reduced by the kidnappers, who entered through the front door”, “Investigators believe that the custody of the jewel was bribed”.

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When a couple with children decides to end their marriage, that is when the word custody begins to be used by the couple and by their lawyers. That is, the agreements or trials begin, depending on whether or not they come to fruition, to try to clearly determine who of the two members of the relationship will be the one in charge of living daily with the offspring.

In many cases, what is established by the judge is what is called shared custody, that is, both parents will have the possibility of living during the period corresponding to the month with the children. However, it must be clear that the judge will not grant this type of custody when he perceives that one of the adults is immersed in a criminal proceeding that has had the ex-partner or her children as a victim.

A psychologist, a social worker, an expert report, interviews with the parents themselves and even with the children, if deemed appropriate, are the sources that the judicial authority will use to determine in the end whether to grant joint custody or if only one of the two parts is the one that will have the same. In this sense, it will always establish as a top priority that the minors are well in all aspects of their lives.

In the sphere of the Catholic religion, the monstrance is the piece of gold where the host is placed after its consecration for the adoration of the faithful. This element, which can also be made of another precious material, can also be known as a monstrance or ostensorium.

Monstrances emerged in the mid- 13th century on the feast of Corpus Christi, where the Eucharist is celebrated. However, these pieces only became more common in the 15th century. Initially, reliquaries, crosses or images that were adapted to a new use were destined. In the mid- fifteenth century, however, the usual form of custody began to be defined. Currently the most frequent form is that of a radiant sun.


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