Comprehensive Guide to Cream

From the French crème, cream is a fatty substance contained in milk. The term is also used to refer to the cream of milk. On the other hand, always in the field of food, cream is a soup or a thick liquor : “I think I will choose the cream of onions and I will accompany it with meat”, “Last night I drank a coffee cream liqueur that I has enchanted”.

There are different types of creams. Catalan cream is a thick custard dish that is toasted on top with an iron plant. Pastry cream, on the other hand, is the thick custard used to fill or decorate cakes.

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Chantilly cream, on the other hand, is a whipped cream with sugar and scented with vanilla, whose original recipe dates back to the 17th century. It is used in many desserts and cakes.

Other meanings of the term cream refer to the light brown color ( “Maria gave me a cream shirt” ) and that which is the most distinguished of a social group ( “The party was attended by the cream of Buenos Aires society” ).

The cream in the language

Cream is also synonymous with umlaut, an orthographic sign placed above vowels on particular occasions. It is written with two dots on the letter that is desired and is used for:

*Indicate that the vowel «u» must be pronounced separately from the sound gue and gui : In the case of umbrella stand. This type of use is known as mandatory because it is an immovable rule, an order or mandate. Some examples of it can be: penguin, argue and shame.

* Point out a separation in a word with a diphthong : this use is often found a lot in poetry and is intended to indicate to the reader how a certain word should be read, so as not to break the rhythm of the poem. In this way, the cream is placed on the first vowel of the diphthong and indicates that it is broken, this adds one more syllable to the word and, therefore, to the stanza.

An example may be a stanza taken from Garcilaso de la Vega’s “Eclogue II”:

El/dul/ce/mur/mu/rar/des/te/rü/i/do ” instead of ” El/dul/ce/mur/mu/rar/des/te/rui/do ” (to compose a hendecasyllable stanza and not a decasyllable).

In the colloquial sense, it is said that someone belongs to the cream to say that they have a certain social position, that they are from the upper class or that they rub shoulders with people who have a lot of money and contacts. In another sense, to say that someone is a cream refers to the fact that they are not skilled at a certain thing; It is usually used to talk about an athlete when he fails or behaves in a conspicuous way but does not lead to a good outcome for the team, that is, he likes being the center of attention more than winning the competition or playing as a team.

Moisturizing and moisturizing creams

In another sense, a cream is that cosmetic or medical product that has a pasty consistency and serves to cause a certain effect on the skin; the most famous are moisturizing and hydrating creams that, although many believe they are the same, serve different purposes.

The usefulness of the moisturizing cream is to create a protective layer between the skin and the environment, preventing it from losing its natural moisture. It is made up of water and vegetable oils thanks to which it eliminates the effects of dryness, white spots and tight lines on the skin. It is mainly recommended for young skin.

The moisturizing cream has similar purposes to the moisturizer but, in addition to preventing the natural moisture from disappearing, it fills the skin from the inside, moistening it as much as necessary, and also collaborates a lot with the absorption of moisture from the environment. This is more recommended for mature skin.


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