Comprehensive Guide to Control

The word control comes from the French term contrôle and means verification, inspection, control or intervention. It can also refer to dominance, command and preponderance, or to the regulation of a system.

Control, on the other hand, is the office, office or unit where it is controlled. That is why we can speak of a checkpoint.

According to, a remote control allows you to operate an appliance from a distance.

The remote control and the tower of an airport or port

The device that allows remote regulation of the operation of a device is known as a remote control (or remote control). This type of device makes it possible to control the television or the DVD player, for example.

The control tower, on the other hand, is a tower-shaped building from which the traffic of an airport or a port is controlled. The control room is located at its top, since the location and height of the tower are essential for viewing the area to be controlled.

Airport traffic is managed from the control tower.

Birth control and traction

Another type of control is birth control, formed by the mechanisms of limiting the number of births.

As for traction control, it is a car safety system designed to prevent the vehicle from losing grip, which can happen when the driver accelerates excessively or when he makes a violent change in direction.

Voice domain

If we cling to parts of its definition such as the concept of «mastery» or « regulation », for example, we can talk about the control of the voice, the central theme of any professional singer who wishes to make good use of his instrument. Singing is a very particular art, in that it is built on something that almost all human beings use on a daily basis but can reach levels of vocal control that only a few can dream of.

To achieve voice control that keeps the vocal cords in good health and pushes them to their limits of versatility and dexterity, frequent training is necessary that only begins, since it should never end. Breathing is one of the fundamental aspects of singing: in this area, you must take in a moderate amount of air, the amount needed for each phrase, and control its expulsion with a specific muscular technique. We must also aim for a tuning close to perfection, for which breathing is combined with the correct projection and amplification of the voice, taking advantage of the bony cavities of the skull.

Control and ambition

The human being is closely related to the concept of control in almost all aspects of his life: there is no more ambitious species on this planet, which seeks to reverse diseases, conquer other planets, enslave other species and even travel in space. weather.

Our thirst for power is dangerous and highly destructive when it leads us to harm other species, and unfortunately we do it daily with most of our industrial activities, where control of the world coexists with that of our own mechanisms.

A video game and a movie

As a proper name, we also find this word in more than one case. For example, it is the title of a video game released on August 27, 2019. It was developed by the Finnish team Remedy Entertainment Ltd., written by Sam Lake and Anna Megill, and directed by Mikael Kasurinen. It belongs to the action-adventure and third-person shooter genre, and stars Jesse Faden, a woman with telepathic abilities who must defend herself against an invasion from another world.

Finally, it should be noted that Control is a British film directed by Anton Corbijn and released in 2007. The film focuses on the life of Ian Curtis, the late lead singer of the post-punk band Joy Division.


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