Comprehensive Guide to Contest

Comprehensive Guide to Contest

From the Latin concursus, contest is the concurrence or group of people. The concept is used to name collaboration, participation or assistance in some matter.

Contests can be competitions between multiple participants for a prize or reward. For example: “Those who want to participate in the contest must submit their work before August 15”, “The jury will announce the name of the contest winner in the next few hours”, “I have just finished my first novel and I am going to present it in a contest ”.

At present, given the increase in the demand and supply of art that has allowed the advancement in communications, although there are more opportunities to make themselves known, there are also many more people trying to find their place in the market at the same time. time, and that makes the first steps difficult, especially if you do not have the necessary resources to meet the expense of publishing a work. In these cases, a contest can be the door to success.

According to, participating in contests is an excellent decision for those who intend to dedicate their lives to music or literature, for example, since the prizes usually include the publication and distribution of works, and that without counting the promotion that naturally follows from this type of contests.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of disbelief around art competitions, due to the lack of legitimacy of certain juries. It is very difficult to detect honesty in this world, but that should not stop us, since the mere preparation to participate in a contest keeps us moving and forces us to review our work, which has a positive impact on a qualitative level.

Thanks to the overcrowding of the Internet, more and more contests accept the submission of works by email, which significantly reduces the costs and time required to participate. If we take the example of a fiction contest, specifically a novel, in which it is required to send the printed text in duplicate, it is likely that we are talking about an average of 500 pages, which entails a negligible cost of ink and paper, without forgetting the postal service.

If we add to this that the greater the distance, the higher the cost of sending by mail, it is understandable that not all writers can participate in all the international competitions that are held per year, unless little by little the physical format is abandoned in pos del digital.

In the case of music, something peculiar happens, since the opportunity to send the recordings instead of physically presenting for the preselection carries the quality problem. This makes it still more convenient for many to do all auditions in person.

Another type of contest is the competition between those who intend to develop a work or provide a service under certain conditions. The entity that promotes the project analyzes the proposals of all the contestants and chooses the one that provides the greatest benefits: “The provincial government opened a competition for the construction of a new hospital in the western area”, “We are happy because our company won the contest for the provision of technical support to the telecommunications services of the Police ”, “ To participate in the contest, we must present our proposal in the next few days ”.

Sometimes, to grant a position or grant some kind of honor, a contest is organized where applicants present their merits to access the reward: “I am going to present myself in the contest for the chair of Economics”, “The university will call a contest to fill vacancies ”.

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Comprehensive Guide to Contest

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