Cardigans in Colorful and Glamorous Versions of Winter

In this hot land most of the year, a chill of nothing already beats like winter.
But as you can not follow the fashion of Europeans, what is most interesting to this side of the hemisphere are the cardigans.
There are beautiful pieces in macaws, such as the cardigan with pearls, the Farm or the full of brightness of the Ateen.

The advantages, in addition to the weight and the price much lighter, are the possibilities. The colored can serve all ages, depending on the complement.
A short basic dress or shorts are fun with the striped cardigan, for example. And the same model gets more sober if it’s in a look with jeans.
Much lighter style.
Model Farm.
The information from teaches how to transform the cardigan into a winter accessory.
Expensive pieces, which cost more than R $400 reais, as quick search in the Big Field Mall, has much cheaper and similar result models in department stores Macaws.
As Mother’s Day is coming, it gives to go back to school time, buy a basic piece, pass in a house of aviation and embroider, as well as the
Farm model. In Riachuelo, Cartigans gray or black, cost R $69.90. In C&A there are longer types of vivid and varied colors.
The piece is so versatile that it can turn up accessory, to tie in the purse, waist or neck, as the blogger style workshop teaches.