Breakuptext: How the Final Mach App Works

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Is today mainly for Smartphones: they make life easier. The mini computer remember appointments, show the fastest way there or the weather of tomorrow. But not only of logistically difficult situations save the app on the phone. Emotionally, the Smartphone is us helpful to the side: the app Breakuptext by Jake Levine formulated SMS to the go.

Separation via app

Self in 160 characters to explain why it is off? No longer necessary! The app only three pieces of information needed to formulate the final Mach SMS: the sex of the future ex-partners, whether the relationship is serious or more loose and the reason for the divorce. At the last point, the selection is very limited. I’ve lost interest, I found someone else, a bear has eaten me up more grounds for separation there. After three steps, the text is ready for shipment so far but unfortunately only in English.

Grounds for separation statistics

Similarities are not… different views appealing, apparently. Every fifth woman claimed as the reason for divorce, that you had been too different. Men gave this, after all, about 19 percent of respondents.
a new PartnerKnapp broke up eight percent of the respondents because of a new flame.
drum check forever bindetEin fling, who will is located relatively far down in the separation images. Just an average five percent stated that the relationship went apart because the partner is cheated.
different LebensplanungEin another reason for separation were often different viewpoints. Children or prefer pure togetherness? Marriage or wild marriage? Townhouse or farm? At an average 5.7 percent resulted in different views of the relationship end.
the certain KnisternWenn’s for common Shepherd hour is no longer enough, the relationship is at risk. The reason for separation, called the least is short and sweet: it was no longer in bed. For 0.2 per cent of female respondents was the a reason for divorce, for men at least 1.2 percent.

Amazing detailed SMS

The included text is surprisingly detailed. Example compliant? Separates a woman via app from a man for a serious relationship, because she has lost interest, the following SMS proposal comes: Hi Bert, I know you expected, that we will soon celebrate our next anniversary. Maybe even more, who knows? And one night we had chosen names for our future children. That was sweet. You are cute. But it’s over between us. We have drifted apart. And that really is not only on your impotence. And no, it’s also not about this girl in the Office. It is because of us. Have you ever heard Cape Canaveral by Conor Oberst song? Did you of course, that is not so one of our problems. We are just so. A poltergeist of love. And I need an exorcism. ”

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Reconciliation SMS
in the app store, the app Breakuptext costs 89 cents. Also determines the other apps developer Jake Levine who decides to send out text like the one above, can use. Was the separation SMS a mistake? Also, the former Digg employee has the appropriate app: Makeuptext designs a reconciliation SMS according to the same principle. And also for singles, the developer has a mini program at hand. The app quit your job sets the termination-SMS to the boss and the at the time even free of charge.

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