BPA Free = Harmless? Unfortunately, No …

A study shows: although baby bottles are actually BPA-free – but this is anything but a reason for the all-clear. Firstly, BPA is still present in many other household products; second, other harmful substances have been found in BPA-free products. A documentation shows worrying effects – from BPA, its substitute and other environmental toxins.

BPA Free = Harmless? Unfortunately, No …

The good: Bisphenol-A was banned in the EU for baby products. Nevertheless, BPA is still an important component in many plastics in many

household items. Coated trolley notes, preservatives … (see Bisphenol A-bottle children areparticularly stressed ).

The fact that BPA-free declared is actually free of BPA is shown by a recent study commissioned by Global 2000. (This was by far not so!) With thick, fat vermouth drops: Numerous other harmful substances were found. Twelve different chemicals or substance groups could be detected, which migrated into the baby milk. Only four of 13 baby bottles were “clean”.

“People want BPA-free products. Therefore, the industry uses bisphenol-S as a substitute for BPA. The problem is: BPS and BPA are both estrogen-effective chemicals. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that BPS could be safer than BPA. ” (Fred vom Saal, Edocrinologist, 3-Sat documentation” obesity pre-programmed “)

BPA Free = Harmless 1

A planned certification system is to help – but that is still future music. It is high time to take precaution, because it can take years before the science can really prove that a substance is harmful – but we humans now live with all the suspicious substances.

“If you push the precautionary principle to the top, you would have to say, ALL chemicals are guilty – until proof of the opposite. But we do it the other way round: it is tested a bit – mostly toxicologically – and then a substance is released to the environment. And there he can stay until someone can prove that he is hurt. “ (Bruce Blumberg, development biologist, in the 3-Sat documentation” obesity pre-programmed “)

BPA Free = Harmless 2

So we wait for the first time for side effects in humans, before someone becomes active and a substance is forbidden … The fatale on the whole thing is: even very small quantities have a fatal effect:

“A few molecules of a hormone to a receptor docked cause the cell to provide more receptors and then become more sensitive to the hormone.”(Fred vom Saal, Edokrinologe, 3-Sat documentation “obesity pre-programmed”)

And – bittesehr-here would be a hardened suspicion:

BPA Free = Harmless 3

Environmental toxins as a reason for obesity

BPA and other environmental toxins are also blamed for pre-programmed overweight. A 3sat documentation showed once again gruesome details (and Mutti has as often switched on at the right time): Who is fat, eats too much? Obesity can be attributed not only to the calorie intake-even chemical substances, which we take directly or indirectly, are to blame. And already in the mother’s body!
Animals have also become more and more fat in recent decades.

“The number of fetuses is determined at the end of puberty. It can increase, but not diminish, by then. “ (Bruce Blumberg in the 3-Sat documentation” obesity pre-programmed “)