Bottle Take Impurities in Water and Filters Even Coca-Cola

The difficulties for the lack of water that many people experience are terrible. Currently much of the population is taking to deal with the great lack of this precious resource. Are rivers, streams and dams drying up (veja São Paulo), causing the distribution of our so precious natural treasure and Rico, water, is limited to various regions of the country.

According to some Hypotheses, the water of our country can dry once in just 20 years and it seems that this term is coming well before the determined. How are we going to do without one of our greatest needs to survive? Is there a way to filter out the impurities in the water which the man fouled?

Before you draw your conclusions, check out the following video of the Swedish company Öko which can filter up to Coca-Cola.

At first, it’s a little hard to believe what the images show. On the site you can check out other Oeko videos with more demonstrations of this amazing product.

The bottle that you attended, your filter in lid to prevent 99.9% of impurities which form the liquid through your pores of 2 microns in diameter. Don’t know how much is equivalent 1 micron? All right, I’ll explain.

Imagine a common ruler. Look at her, especially the part that is equal to 1 mm. Now divide this 1 millimeter per 1000. Okay, you already have an idea of how much is equivalent 1micron. In other words, 1 micron is equal to 1000 mm. Very small, isn’t it?

This technology of bottle cap of filter was developed by NASA, ensuring that the liquid is always fresh, but with a style. It is recommended for daily use, especially the adventurous travelers, hikers and runners attending multiple locations and need clean water to rehydrate their bodies. Want to know the price to acquire one of these? She is evaluated at around 25 dollars (getting something around 58 dollars).

Check it out if this idea 2 micron filter larger proportions and not develop a capable of filtering water from rivers, lakes and even the sea. Something that can remove all the sodium of the water, the drinking to the point of consumption of people and animals.

People who think in the future it’s past time to make arrangements. Let’s inspire us in another one of our technologies and create something revolucionador for humanity. After all, we don’t want to run out of water in a few years, isn’t it?