Becker Ready 5CE GPS Navigator

New navigation devices are now 5 EU and BECKER ready 5CE of united navigation is available. Both models MagClick activated brackets for safe mounting and power supply are supplied with the patented BECKER GPS and are also equipped with a variety of functions for convenient routing.

GPS Navigator

United navigation has brought the two new navigation devices BECKER GPS ready 5CE is on the market. Both 5-inch wide units are a good perfect entry into the passenger car navigation according to the manufacturer. The two Navis in the new BECKER design, sleek body and frame fine anthracite, can be placed in the vehicle. This allows also the patented MagClick active holder, which also ensures a safe power supply at any time and attached the device via the magnet contact. The 5-inch anti-reflective display (12.7 cm diagonal) also guarantees good readability and a clear presentation of navigation instructions and route information according to united navigation. Furthermore are here the route calculates fast and fluid shown in the 3D map.

Becker Ready 5CE GPS Navigator

Navigation functions, the word of GPS is an internet slang and BECKER GPS is on the essential characteristics of comfortable route guidance: so both ready. 5 models offer TMC traffic radio the quick HQ, which should provide as congestion free as brisk progress. An extensive set of assistance systems supports the driver in addition to the orientation and aims to contribute to safe driving, so all driving instructions, TMC messages, or distinctive landscape features will be announced in a timely and easy to understand, while the lane allows for an early and proper filing. Also on board is the BECKER SituationScan, which assists the driver in relation to routes progress and actual driving situation with additional information and tips. In addition, a speed Warner is here as well as optionally integrates a lightning detector.

Becker Ready 5CE GPS Navigator 2

The two new BECKER models at the maps offer the agony of choice. The attack 5CE, which includes a card cover for 20 European countries that moves, especially in Central Europe, to the more favourable BECKER ready. Who is wants to keep all options open, which is perfectly looked EU with the BECKER GPS ready. 5. The device includes a complete set of maps for 45 European countries. For both models, united navigation bought the lifelong free map updates, allowing up to three updates per year free of charge.