As Fishing Snapper From the Shore – Important Facts

As snapper fishing from the shore is by far, one of the questions more made in the fishing sport fishing from the shores slang. And it is that snapper, is as much a delight on the tables of many people, who enjoy it either baked or simply fried, who knows spectacular. With a boat, it is quite simple at a certain time of the year to find Snappers of good size and take several pounds of it to your home, on the other hand, since the Bank is complicated by something the day, but, do not get discouraged, in today’s article I want to explain how you could capture a couple of them from the shores…

First of all, the first thing you should know that in the area of the Caribbean, the more favourable period for Creole snapper fishing is the second quarter of the year, which is popularly known as LA CORRIDA of the snapper, is precisely at this time of the year. Outside this season you can find one, but in reality there are few who can capture.

That bait would be more effective for this type of fishery?

The fresh squid is definitely very good bait for catching snapper, it is important to be the freshest possible and that you place a good-sized hook destollos, that in my opinion should be at least a #1, since you will go in search of good sized snapper, small Snappers don’t interest us at all.

Another interesting bait for this species would be the fresh octopus, like squid Octopus is characterised by great hardness, which is very important to keep the lure longer waiting for the bite of the prized trophy. Large destollos placed on the hook and that well tape the tip of the hook.

Fresh sardines would be the 3rd option which would have for fishing for snapper, as though fresh is very effective, it tends to be a little loose when it rips the steak, you can opt for it, what you give flip a little before the other 2 bait to be able to capture the snapper.

Which technique would be the most effective in this case?

I for snapper fishing always use the technique of bottom fishing, conjugated with fishing instead of fishing rod with reel of hands, it is the only time that I recommend using hand reel because Snappers don’t need so much power to be removed from the water, as well as itching, are the less strong by pulling on the sea Therefore, with hands reels you can prepare a 5 reel and throw them every one to 10 m away from the other and thus would have 5 real possibilities of chopped.

Personally, what I do is tie a can of coca cola in each spool thread, and when triggered to rolling, this is sign that Snapper is stuck on your hook. Thread fish could be between 20 and 40 lbs of weight, doesn’t have to be very thin because Snappers are greedy and they are not seeing much thread when it comes to food, so will the safe with a string of more than 20 lb.

In summary…

Aspects that should not miss you for a good catch of snapper from the shores, correct time at the year Moon correct, proper bait and fishing site in the evenings for bottom sandy, if search for is in the early morning rocky bottoms, the mouth of the rivers are also a good fishing to track the snapper at the time. Leave your comments on the article. Thank you for visiting your corner of virtual fishing!