Apple May Introduce IPhone 5 in June in a Second Special Event

According to the Korean news site ETNews, Apple would carry out a second event during the month of June, completely independent of the World Wide Developer Conference, which will take place between 6 and 10 of this month. According to this source, the iPhone 5 would be officially presented somewhat unexpectedly to reach stores later in the course of the last week of the same month.

It is more than clear that Apple may be trying to catch unsuspecting competitors maximum breaking with the usual presentations of their new terminals calendar to disseminate the announcement of the next WWDC accompanied an ambiguous slogan which gave to understand that on this occasion the operating systems, both for desktop, mobile, coparian all the prominence of the event. Which in turn has led to the first rumors about the possible delay in the appearance of the next iPhone until the autumn of this year.

The iPhone 5 will reach the market during the fourth week of the month of June. Amid rumors of postponement of the terminal, Apple has confirmed that the said device will be launched as planned in Korea through SK Telecom and KT operators simultaneously.

The information must take it with tweezers, given that Apple never provided any information on their future releases. Even leaks of the companies themselves, operators are often quite vague.

The high level of existing rumors don’t make anything else put on the record of the high level of expectation raised by the Cupertino and for their next step in the field of mobile telephony.