Apple Amazon: “App Store Non Is a Generic Term”

As we all know, Apple sued Amazon a few months ago claiming that the Amazon Appstore for Android infringes the trademark of Cupertino possess about the term “ App Store ”. In this case, the e-commerce giant based its defence in that the term is quite generic, since it describes a store that sells applications. Something that the Apple does not have be that way, according to recorded in a legal document presented during the day yesterday in federal court in Oakland, California.

Apple admits that “ app ” is an application and that a “ store ” is a retail sale. All of this, clear is, in the vernacular of Shakespeare. But the company & #8220;denies that, according to its common meaning, the combination of the words App Store the words together denote an app store“.

The term is not commonly used by industry referring to services of discharge and, given that the mark “ App Store ” is not a generic term, theMAZON Appstore for Android could incur a crime of misappropriation of a registered trademark to use it to give it a name. It is clear that Apple, through this convoluted logic manoeuvre is taking advantage of all the possibilities at your fingertips with the firm intention of defending which considers its brand exclusively.

Something for which Amazon Steering Committee had replicated before exactly the opposite, starting a legal battle that has crossed the pond to show Microsoft, HTC, Nokia and Sony Ericsson forming common front before Apple presented formally their complaints against the registration of Apple on the mentioned term at European level.

Without a doubt the lead taken by Apple incorporating its applications years ago store has generated in the heads of smart phone users, regardless of platform use, a powerful Association of ideas that takes its name “ App Store ” to any store of applications with multiple variants.