Android 4.4: Your Smartphone Needs These 20 KitKat Tricks

That new operating system Android 4.4 brings KitKat instead of giant update many smaller new features, which at first glance not particularly conspicuous. Unlike for Android 4.2 jelly bean have minimal design filed the developer, deals but intensively with the inner workings of the Androids. Now a quick switch from Android Launcher or the processing of a photo within the Gallery: Android 4.4 KitKat has a number of hidden tricks that make it easier for you to everyday life with the Smartphone. So far, there is the new operating system officially only for the nexus 4, 5, 7, and the Motorola Moto G, yet numerous models for the new update a. line up

Android 4.4: the best hid Kit Kat tricks

Android hidden 4.4 KitKat tricks

Changes the user interface

Especially on the Panel was neatly finishing. The developers have made possible faster and more convenient to switch between the different Android Launcher’s. In the settings, you will find a selection offers under the heading home. Simply select the preferred user interface or delete them. Also the sending of SMS Android 4.4 is different than before. On previous operating systems, there was always a separate news application. Now send SMS via Google hangouts with KitKat. If you don’t like it, it is possible to use another application as SMS service thanks to a function hidden in the settings. Look for it in the settings under wireless & networks the function default SMS app. Here choose the favorite service from. like the Android Launcher

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Data, processes & co.

Some bigger changes are in the developer options. These are accessible only if you enable the hidden path in the settings. Find build number under the heading over the phone and touch seven times on it. Now you can find the developer options in options in addition. The process statistics offer a new feature. So you get an overview of each individual application consumption of resource, whether now in the background, foreground, or cache.

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As well as Android 4.3 jelly bean, it is possible for KitKat to use widgets on the lock screen, although that seems impossible at first glance. Namely you need to activate it in the settings. After looking under Security enable widgets and put a check mark in the adjacent field. Android 4.4 also brings the widget sound search. This can be to identify unknown songs, similar to the music apps SHAZAM or SoundHound. To the delight of all chat buddies Android 4.4 now offers even emoticons for the texts via Google keyboard about hangouts. So far, this option was not possible without additional applications or extensions.

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