All IPhone 4 Are Equal Widths, Changes in The Camera and Proximity Sensor of The White Model

The people of Consumer Reports they are not precisely known to be fans of iPhone 4, but this time have come to the fore to join Apple policy on information that takes a couple of days discussing: the thickness of the white phone.

It is a really interesting theme, that officially tell us that it is the same, and on the other hand we have some media measuring units and obtain a result slightly thicker. Consumer Reports has been measuring with a precision gauge multiple units and all remained in a virtually identical 0.37 inch Black model.

Anyway the people from Apple does not have any neglected aspect, and if flies can be read on his website that the size and weight may vary by configuration and manufacturing processes. I leave again with the controversial “photo of the stick” that triggered the controversy:

Taking advantage of having piles of shells and used for the episode Antennagate cases, also have been testing them with the white model and no problem with them. In fact they return to the issue and recommend that you purchase the phone with housing to mitigate the effect of Antennagate.

New camera and proximity sensor

The next thing they intend to try is the behavior of the camera, in which there have been some changes. You know that for the creation of iPhone 4 white Apple people encountered some difficulties, to the point of having to do changes in the proximity sensor and camera.

For the more curious you teach the differences in images that come to us from a Japanese blog which has had a while to disarm both phones. As you can see the new camera appears to be designed in a deeper way, perhaps to mitigate the possible reflection of the flash on the white surface:

In regards to the proximity sensor, disables the operation of the screen when we have the phone near the face, has been redesigned (image below), and although details are not given us, it seems that it works with different values of incidence of light, also allegedly conditioned by the white colour of the casing.

Comparing both phones externally, you can see as the white model has more visible sensor, located on the phone’s earpiece. Done that you can see an own advertisement for Apple that you have then:

We believed necessary to share with you the information of this post to clarify and update the theme of thickness, and already in a personal way, recommend a phone that despite its age in the market, continues to be a reference, regardless of the color.