AirDrop: How the Wireless Exchange of Data Between Apple Devices

What is AirDrop?

AirDrop for Mac OS and iOS enables the wireless exchange of data between Apple devices. A partner is located nearby, one click is enough or tip the AirDrop icon and the shipment can begin. The data transfer via the Wi-Fi – or Bluetooth modules of the equipment. For the connection to work, the device no more than ten meters must be away from each other. AirDrop is no substitute for a wired network connection, but a complement. Both devices are on the same wireless network, runs the traffic through the router. The data transfer is security encrypted.

Tip: how to use AirDrop with Windows-based devices

How to use AirDrop with Mac

To use AirDrop with the Mac, you need the Mac OS X operating system since version 10.7 (Lion). The timeliness of the Wi-Fi card is crucial. MacBook Air 2010, the iMac from 2009 and the Mac compatible devices include the MacBook and MacBook Pro from model year 2008, mini and Mac Pro 2010. To send files, all link partners must open an AirDrop window in the Finder. Here, all the participants appear automatically. To send a file, drag it to the icon the receiver and confirm the transfer. The partner initiates the transfer process with his confirmation.

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How to use AirDrop with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

AirDrop on mobile devices is available from iOS 7 available. Compatible devices are iPad iPad Mini 4, iPhone 5, and all subsequent devices 5 and the iPod touch. IOS select AirDrop through the control panel. You there also set whether your device for everyone, should be only for your contacts, or not visible. Also, make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled. To transfer, you type within an app to send or parts. Then select AirDrop from the options list. Your device searches for AirDrop partners nearby. Then select the desired recipient. Even for mobile devices this must acknowledge receipt, before the data transfer starts.