Windows Phone 8 Am on 4 out of the 5 WP-Units

New figures show that Windows Phone devices tails in on Apple’s iOS, when it comes to the adoption of the latest operating system.

Mobile manufacturers would, of course, to keep their customers up to date with the latest software, so they can see and use all the innovations which can be found on the phones.

New figures from the AdDuplex shows that the latest Windows Phone 8 software can be found at 80.4% of all WP-units. It writes our site.

The star behind the sale of techgiganten is easily Lumia 520, which stands for the whole 33% of of the devices worldwide. When it is compared in the United States with 521-variant for the market there, Yes so reigns phone with 42.3%.

Windows Phone is so right on the heels of Apple, who at the time of writing prides itself on having 82% of devices on the latest iOS 7 update. Google will make an end to old Android versions, since they are not so much as approaching competitors on the adoption of the latest operating system.