WIMP: Music Videos Are Now Ready for Android (Beta)

Android-customers of the popular WiMP-music service can now watch music videos in the app on your phone.

In October was WiMP music service ready with better sound on iOS, Android, Sonos and Bluesound. It was the so-called “lossless” quality, which can be enjoyed on the aforementioned devices.

The computer has until today had to do without the improved sound quality, but now is WiMP HIFI ready for both PC and Mac. It writes GAFFA.

In addition, be informed that WiMP today launches music videos to their service. First taste is a beta-launch of an editorial video channel showing new, popular music videos in Android client.

“We are only just at the beginning of redefining what a music subscription actually mean for the modern consumers. We obviously have a long way to go, but WiMP aims to become a leader in delivering multimedia music entertainment, “says Morten Remmer, who is Managing Director for WiMP.

2.5.0 update of WiMP for Android is available for download in Google Play right away, and iOS users also can soon expect a similar update.