Wall Clocks also Decorate Environments

Small, large, new or old, the wall clocks are always present in the House. So much for your function, as for decorative. Alone he can become even the highlight of a wall or form a charming composition.

With many different styles and templates they became a companion in the decoration. “The clock is a reference point that gives finishing to decoration,” says Bianca Sitta Redfern, Manager of the branch.

In some environments, your presence is essential, as in the kitchen, to determine the meal times. “How is your number one feature functionality, it must be positioned so as to be viewed by all,” says Bianca.

Already in other spaces he adds practicality and aesthetics, as on the balconies, gourmet home offices and study areas. According to WallClockStation, before the clocks were only functional, today also have a decorative function. Is a design concept, should be chosen according to the style of the environment “, says interior designer and entrepreneur Camila Sitta.

In the living room, on a sideboard or in hallways, they can replace the picture on a wall. A tip is to assemble a composition with multiple parts, but the balance between colors and sizes should be evaluated. “The person can use the same style clocks or composed with completely different models,” says Camila.

Wall Clocks also Decorate Environments 1

Wall Clocks also Decorate Environments 2

Wall Clocks also Decorate Environments 3

Bedside clocks have various functions

If the clocks have gained new status, of bedside tables are increasingly differentiated design. “Bedside clocks or table suit well in bedrooms, where combine, in most cases, the functions of clock, alarm clock and decorative piece,” says Tipaldi, Ana Carolina architect and eempresária. She points out that, to buy one of these watches, one should take into account the noise produced by them. And even in walls, for those who want to dare a little more or add a dash of humor, fun or rêtro models with images of the 50, as girls and wasps, are a good option.