Vintage: Hand Bags from Great Grandma’s Times

Still there: nice old original – leather handbag, who have purchased the today’s great grandmothers and grandmothers at the time for special occasions (“for good”) and in tissue paper, packaged in a wardrobe that is well protected. And they are still up-to-date. “As new” and “unused” it reads because often when dealers or private sellers on the Internet. And if Madam luck has, she can make the occasional bargain on the Internet or at the flea market.

Although the woman of today wonder how they come out with ‘as little bag’ should, because do not fit normal things – such as the 1.5-liter bottle sparkling water -. Woman is so minimalist on the move again, as once in the 80s, when the pouch in the mini format accompanied the daily shopping and also still cross were held (crossover). So, woman shopping had their belongings closely hands free for the additional shopping basket and disco on the body.

Leather bags from the 50’s and 60’s

The search for leather bags from the 50’s and 60’s is the young women who were at the time not yet planned, mostly not known that the bags contained still no sign inside today’s standard and most commonly used labeled “real leather”.

Also at that time, everything what looked like leather, there are not actually made of genuine leather, because already in the 30s/40s was a kind of “Synthetic leather”, which made affordable handbags in the “bad time”. At first glance, the pockets of the real leather handbags settled barely differ. “Leatherette” bags in addition to high-quality handbags real leather on the market, which were after the real leather in nothing of the processing here were also in the post-war period until the 60s. Many of the old leatherette bag in good condition are way more amazing still, because at that time still no “plasticizers” were used, which decompose the plastic over time (see sticky expectant Tupper-ware).

Leather and imitation leather handbag from the 70s

At the beginning of the 70s “Skai”handbags were really modern. I still remember my great aunt Frieda, which at the time proudly presented her new purse with the remark:”this is real > Skai <, which is washable.” My mother mocking it silently and quietly:”Skai? -This is nothing more than plastic. Leather is leather.” So it was handbags genuine crocodile or snakeskin, beef – or nappa leather, suede, occasionally, as well as made up of Skai (leatherette). The leatherette bag cost no assets as opposed to the reptile leather bag and also gave the feeling of having done something for animal welfare. Nothing has changed until today.

The old imitation leather handbag can be flawless today by the material quality and worth the bargain buying. The real leather case are, however, still beautiful, because they set the patina standard for leather with time. Most of the time the optical State of preservation is easily recognizable on the photos of the Internet auctions or buyout offers. What is not seen, however, is the gain of the bag, the leather bags also often consists of cardboard, which may have lost stability due to the age.

It is therefore always also some luck in the game hunting after antique handbags. Here too it is:finger away from the “loft”Fund, because of the musty smell is the most inclusive and disables the bag. And while the bag once in the basement or the attic has increased moisture, the Pocket reinforcement made of cardboard is mostly over. Ground fractures but also often occur through improper storage in the closet. Therefore make it quite sense with newspaper or similar use to fill them, so that the shape is retained when hand pockets reinforced with cardboard. Here an example of an old suede handbag whose cardboard insert in the bottom is broken. The “ground breaking” falls in the filled State, however, hardly on.-lucky.

Also he can be in the photos on the Internet offered often unaware of real vintage bags that look like the handbags in the filled State. The bags, which empty can appear rather conventional, well equipped modern quite have.

Alone for vintage bags can browse you very well when DaWanda *, the most famous marketplace for small traders who offer their wares in the so-called own shop. There are very nice at a fixed price
Vintage handbags of all kinds and also case * to find that – mean as I – are offered at a moderate price.

It wants to look on ebay for vintage bargain, it makes various subcategories to browse sense:

  • “Antiques & art” – “Clothing & accessories” – “Accessories” – “purses & handbags *’and’leather, luggage & bags *”
  • “Clothing & accessories” – “women’s bags *” (item condition “Used” filter)
  • “Clothing & accessories” – “Vintage fashion” – “vintage accessories” – “bags & cases *” (item condition “Used” filter)

Have fun finding beautiful vintage bags and good luck in finding!

All photos on this page were recorded with a small digital camera:Canon PowerShot A2500 *