The Virtual Coverage with Vodafone Will Have to Negotiate One One The Use of 4G

Since Orange and Vodafone submitted their first deployments of 4G in Spain many of us have asked ourselves what would happen with the virtual mobile operators It depends on the coverage of these two operators.

And we already throw some light on what will happen with the virtual covered Orange Vodafone in its presentation shortly unveiled in this respect, but this point has been clarified now, any virtual with coverage of the British It will have its 4 G first.

While some virtual Orange coverage includes in its agreements use of any network is not the case that rely on Vodafone, because agreements being signed with the Red operator does the use of 4G so if you want access to the will have to negotiate it.

Negotiation and cost overrun

The case of the virtual with one or the other coverage is not entirely comparable since while Orange has not spoken of cost overruns for its clients that connect to your 4G Vodafone from the first minute he has made it clear that those who want to use will have an extra fee.

Seeing operator that provides coverage to many virtual continues this policy was to be expected that this move also that overrun to MVNOs that depend on it, now they will have to negotiate and if you reach an agreement probably also would have to move that cost to their customers.

Since access to the Vodafone 4G coverage will not leave them free to the virtual that depend on them will have to be aware of which is the first to take the step and that rates applied, but personally I don’t expect that there is too much movement in this regard while coverage is no more extensive.