Spiltip: Critically Acclaimed and Action-Packed FPS Games Ready to Download

Are you to graphically stunning games with tough action and cool fight scenes, so is Modern Combat 4 maybe something for you.

Gamelofts Modern Combat series has been praised by several critics the world over, and now is the next section of the game series ready for download.

“Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour” has been called the graphical best games from Gameloft of nothing less than IGN.com. Other critics have called it the best multiplayer games for smartphones to date.

Regardless of the choice of words by notifiers, see “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour” seemed to be the game that every gamer must own on his smartphone.

In release-video below you can see that there is certainly not missing action, action or options. Gameloft advertises as also with an almost infinite variety of weapons and options in the game that you can play with or against your friends online.

Out for Android and iOS

The game is starting with today out to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the App Store at a price of 45 dollars.

Modern Combat 4 for Android is also ready for download via Google Play, also for 45 dollars.