RACCTel Simplifies Its Range of Rates Now with 500 Minutes and 1 GB for 20 Euros

Virtual operators are aware that their main Fort they are the rates and not to renew them constantly they left behind and well other virtual or operators with own network them can misplaced their rates and losing pace in the market.

And in that sense it moves RACCTel, the virtual Royal Automobile Club managed by Euskaltel and Vodafone coverage, which has reduced its offer from three to two flat rates getting cheaper rate with more minutes and megabytes.

RACCTel had so far with three flat rates of 15, 20 and 25 euros per month now disappearing from 25 euros, directly lowering a monthly fee of 20 euros keeping services included.

The new flat 20 includes 500 minutes on national calls and 1 GB maximum speed in Exchange for a navigation monthly fee of 19.90 euro. In case of exceeding the included minutes calls paid to 0.19 euros per minute more 0.15 euros of call set-up and in the case of Internet access speed is reduced to 128 kbps.

With this movement RACCTel get to reposition its fares in the market, being the rate of 19.90 euros per month one of the best with prices that fee setting, being very similar to free 20 of Euskaltel, conditional on having the same operator Internet, and the CombinaFree of mobile Eroski.