Ono Returns to Remove The Mobile Market with 1000 Minutes and 1 GB for 20 Euros a Month

Ono It is not to be one of the operators that we talk almost every day but when we know news they tend to be very interesting and on this occasion as well once again, with a new and interesting fare to speak and surf.

It’s a new fare for customers in Ono, that contract with the same company landline, Internet and mobile, and that includes 1000 minutes on domestic calls and 1 GB of Internet to maximum speed for 20 euros a month.

Ono to the upside that many other operators offers advantages for the main mobile lines its customers, instead of for the second lines, with rates from $ 5 per month for these lines, half of quota regarding the same rates for secondary lines.

And this new fee comes to complete the offer for main lines, with the aforementioned 1000 minutes per month to any national destination as well as other 500 minutes to landlines and mobiles Ono y 1 GB, slowing down to 64 kbps up to 3 GB data service, all cut from where it for 20 euros a month.

With this new addition, Ono offers one of the best mobile rates, There is no so many minutes in calls by its price though for five euros more is the rate with unlimited of Amena, but with the great problem of be only valid for a mobile line by holder in addition to having to rely on the fixed and Internet in Ono.