Motorola: Rumors of New Supersmartphone “Dinara”

HD display, 13 megapixel cam and and and – a Smartphone Highflyers seems to be the baptized the project name “Dinara” device from Motorola. Because it will be but a good while with the introduction, we imagine times Motorola’s current portfolio.

The Android blog has fire-hot news about a new Motorola Smartphone with the code name “Dinara”. It is externally similar to the “Bionic” announced in the United States for August, be doing but thinner and lighter. The display goes up to the edge with the Dinara and probably measures 4.5 inches, thus it should with rich 1280 × 720 pixels in HD resolve. While there is a front-facing camera for VGA video calls, the second camera with even 13 – case THIRTEEN – boasts mega pixels. Previous pixel leader is Nokia’s N8 with 12MP-Carl Zeiss lens.

Motorola’s “Dinara” should be equipped with a Texas Instruments processor and a gigabyte of RAM memory. The battery is firmly installed, operating system is probably still Android ‘Gingerbread’ and not the next version “ice cream sandwich” used. assumes that Dinara comes in the winter in the U.S. stores, when will the over Smartphone with us, is not yet known. Therefore we have a look at Motorola’s current top models.

Milestones and challenges

The current high-end Smartphones from Motorola of hot “Atrix”, “Defy” and “Milestone 2”. For the milestone is already the successor to milestone 3 in the wings (see our article) and is probably in time for Christmas with us. At the dimensions of the three devices is the flagship model Atrix with 11mm the slimmest figure, while the highest (117. 8 mm) and widest (63. 5 mm). The milestone 2 is (116. 3 mm) and less wide (60. 5 mm) with pull-out QWERTY keyboard only a few millimeters of thick (13. 7 mm), almost equal. The defy is not a slider and still only marginally thinner than the milestone (13, 4mm) and is also 107mm tall and 59mm wide. For this, it is followed by the Atrix (135 g) and milestone (169 g) with 118 grams the lightest device.

All three Smartphones can be operated via touch screen, the largest display has the Atrix 4 inch, defy and milestone 2 are 3.7 inches tall. The Atrix also has a higher resolution than the counterparts (both 854 × 480 pixels) with 960 × 540 pixels and offers sensational HTC Paroli. The defy display 16 million colors can represent only 262,144, other devices. All three models come up with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass TFT display.

Atrix: Docking station as a

The Atrix offers the strongest battery with 1930 mAh and lasts the longest in talks with 540 minutes, the defy with 1540 mAh holds talks to 408 minutes, the milestone 2 despite less capacity (1400 mAh) 460 minutes. In terms of processor (1 GHz dual-core) and memory (1 GB) is well stocked the Atrix, milestone and defy offer 512 MB RAM and 1,000 or 800 MHz processing power. All models work with the surface “Motoblur”, the hotel’s adaptation of the Android operating system. This is the defy in version 2.1, two others in version 2.2. The Atrix features a rich internal memory of 16 GB, the milestone about 8, the defy over 2 gigabytes. The cameras resolve on all models with 5 megapixels and filming videos in 720 p HD quality. Data transfer, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and HSDPA are standard for all devices, the Atrix additionally supports the high speed Internet LTE and has a mini-HDMI – interface to the output on the TV.

As gibts the Atrix in addition to fingerprint reader still an additional purchasable laptop dock. Which makes the Smartphone to the NetBook: via USB and HDMI the Atrix is connected here with the laptop, its screen measures 11.6 inch (1366 × 768 pixels). You can access all data of the Atrix from. Whether this innovative feature at the “Dinara” will be available?