MASMOV! L Low Promo Your Fare with Unlimited Calls to 19.90 Euros Per Month

Summer used to the time in which large operators thrown the rest with its offers to fish in a sea of portability very stirred by gifted phones but with the shift bids are leading now to the rates rebate.

And we saw as Yoigo dared to lower their rate infinite, unlimited national calls and 1 GB of Internet, to 25 euros per month forever for those who contracted before the end of August or as Amena climbed to 2 GB its rate and is now the turn for rate with unlimited calls of MÁSMOVIL.

Virtual new customers that hire people rate until August 31 through a portability will benefit from this rate, in its category with 1 GB of data, by 19.90 euros per month during the first three months, see a monthly discount of 8.1 euros its regular price.

In this way MÁSMOVIL will temporarily offer its new customers the rate with unlimited national calls cheaper market, below the 25 euros for new customers of the infinite of Yoigo or the same amount at the rate of Amena, which temporarily includes 2 GB.

This new promotion of the virtual yellow joins the improvement of this same rate, which a few days ago enabled the possibility to hire her with double the capacity of data, 2 GB, for 34 euros per month, and offering reduce speed 64 Kbps down to consume data for one euro a month.