Windows Phone 7–The Launch On October 21 Will Be Accompanied By Five Touchscreen Smartphones!

Windows phone 7 will provide quite a sensation in the next few weeks. Four new smartphones on the market that will work with the new operating system from the Windows Home come with the launch on October 21. HTC and LG are the first models. Due to the requirements of Microsoft, which can be read about here in the blog, the first smartphones differ only slightly. The first concerns of the models hardly differing seems therefore not unjustified. HTC introduces three newcomers. This is the HTC HD 7, HTC 7 trophy and the HTC 7 Mozart. LG Electronics Introduces at least a Windows phone 7 Smartphone to start.

Differences of three HTC phones

The biggest differences can be in weight, what inevitably is related to the display size. Here stands the rather heavy HTC HD 7, what brings a more than solid fighting weight at 162 grams. For this is also the largest touch screen with a diagonal of 4.3 inches. With the three models, a number in terms of the weight and thus makes the display size connected. The HTC 7 trophy LCD display and weighing 140 grams placed centrally with a 3.8-inch large super. All three HTC smartphones are equipped with a SLCD touch screen.The HTC 7 Mozart is the lightweight in the sequence with 130 grams and offers the smallest 3.7 inch display accordingly. There are still a few small other differences. The models of LG Optimus 7 and Samsung Optima 7 differ also minimally…

Guidelines define the route

The hardware requirements of Microsoft can be models referred to quickly and obviously filtered out. All five of Touchscreen Smartphones are outfitted with the minimum resolution of the display with 480 × 800 pixels. Except for the HTC 7 Mozart is the mega pixel cameras with the minimum requirement of 5 mega pixels as well equipped. The HTC 7 Mozart excels mega pixel camera with an 8. Still attracts a certain conformity by the referred smartphones: A processor with a are also part of the game 1 GHz clock and GPS. However it’s in the above cases the minimum that meet the first models. Over time, the Windows phone 7 phones will exhibit greater differences. To the market launch, a “resemblance” of the models was to be expected.

Here on the main page of Windows phone 7 on Our site find more details on the hardware requirements. Nevertheless, there are some small differentiation characteristics to identify.

Heavy, medium and light weight of HTC

The HTC HD 7 would need to prove, if it would be boxers, probably in heavyweight. With the above-mentioned 162 grams is the Smartphone almost in the category of smart phones with additional keyboard. The Motorola Milestone weighs 165 grams, but offers some added value of an additional side pull-out keyboard. This is the HTC HD 7 with a large display. However, it is the legitimate question whether one such touch screen necessarily needs. Finally, the Pocket suitability in the foreground is for me personally. Speaking of extra QWERTY keyboard, beginning of 2011 there will be an HTC 7 Pro. This is difficult given at 4.3 inches. Otherwise, the HTC HD 7 with a dual LED Flash and the weakest battery delimits itself. The outer appearance is rounded off with an aluminium frame and a little plastic. All three HTC phones offer UMTS, Wi-Fi, HSDPA and HSUPA for mobile high speed surfing. The middleweight model HTC 7 trophy offers all models at the least internal memory with 8 GB. Otherwise, the trophy offers the same features as the HTC HD 7, just with a smaller display and LED flash. The lightweight HTC 7 Mozart offers mega pixel camera especially with the 8. Videos in HD quality with a resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels have also all three, all five models.

The batteries of medium – and light-weight are something better with 1300 mAh compared to the 1230 by the HTC HD 7. The two smartphones from Samsung and LG are outfitted with a better battery.

LG Optimus 7 and Samsung Omnia 7

What is striking is that all five models with the same processor from Qualcomm Potter. The abbreviation QSD8250 writes that this processor with a GHz clocking. The 5 megapixel camera also finds its place in the two Smartphones from Samsung and LG. The batteries are outfitted with a longer staying power than the HTC models with 1500 mAh. In display technology, both models differ from the HTC phones. The Samsung Omnia 7 provides a super AMOLED touch screen with a size of 4 inches, brings the LG Optimus 7 with only 3.8 inches with a LCD display. The LG Optimus 7 outwardly carries the less attractive appearance, which is mainly made of plastic. Here on Our site finds a report about the LG phone. The Samsung Omnia 7 features in a existing exterior almost predominantly aluminum. Here on Our site is reported on the Samsung Omnia 7. But even with these two models of other manufacturers, the initial detection features, which resemble a certain run show. The difference of display size and weight are more obvious and the remaining differences are relatively minimal.

The first HTC Phones and the LG Optimus 7 in circulation will be starting on October 21. It remains therefore remains to be seen how much the Windows phone 7 models ultimately are similar. The HTC phones will be already having early November at Our site- buy cell phones online. Price, the touchscreen Smartphone will be between 400-550 euro.