Jazztel Goes for Prepaid Users with Calls to Zero Cents Per Minute

We knew that with the decrease in prices of mobile interconnection rates prices would have to down to the savings that this supposed to operators although few could expect a movement as he is now doing Jazztel.

And it is that the virtual covered Orange has decided to bet strong on your brand of prepaid, mobile Jazzcard, lowering the price per minute for national calls, was already located in a penny, at minimum, zero cents per minute.

We had already seen as MASMOV! L and Movistar had dared to throw contract rates in which the National calls only paid the call set-up, but with five and 612 minutes per call, or limit as many other operators offered the same opportunity to call their numbers.

But no operator had dared until now to introduce this possibility in prepaid, outside of temporary refill promotions and the like, something at the time who now dares Jazztel. Prepaid customers can call to zero cents per minute for the first 10 minutes of each call to any national destination paying only for both 0.15 euros of call set-up.

In the case of exceed ten minutes the next minutes would pay five cents per minute, so if we plan that extends beyond the 13-minute call would be more profitable to hang to call and have another 10 free minutes.

Free calls to other numbers Jazztel

But in addition to referred calls to any national destination zero cents Jazzcard also provides an added advantage to its users, the ability to call any number Jazztel, both fixed and mobile, free.

These calls they do not pay or call set-up While not exceeding 60 minutes per call, or a total of 3,000 a month. If any of these limits calls would be paid five cents per minute and 0.15 euros of call set-up.

Only to new high

The biggest problem that has mobile Jazzcard is that for the moment available only to new high, so those who want to keep their current number can not do so. SIM cards can be purchased in shops or on the web of the operator, offering in Exchange for five euros with free shipping.