HTC EVO 3D-Rough Start In Europe’s Third Dimension

The launch of the EVO is delayed in Europe more and more 3D – now there is talk of September. To withstand the voltage there first videos on the net, also spreads the hope for an open bootloader from the factory.

The HTC Smartphone EVO 3D, which we already reported here , offers a special coating, which provides three-dimensional effects in the appearance – such as the LG P920 Optimus 3D (see our article) without 3D glasses. The display is located 4.3 inch on par with the Samsung

Galaxy S2 with sensation as the HTC qHD resolution (960 × 540 pixels). Inside GHz dual-core processor is a 1.2 used, memory is a gigabytes in size. Dimensions of 126 x 65 x 12, 05 mm, the EVO brings 170 grams. The 1,730 mAh battery should provide up to over nine hours GSM calls. Sense 3.0 to use comes as a user interface, the latest Android “Gingerbread 2.3.4” is also on board. The camera takes 3D photos with 2 and 2D images with 5 megapixels resolution, 3D video can also be recorded in HD (720 p). Our site has time be such 3D video on the net. If your so a 3D monitor or TV to the have seen, can you you make a picture of the capabilities of the EVO camera in this clip.

Launch delayed further – Vodafone has the nose fully

While the EVO 3D in the USA is available since June, we have to be patient us further. Apparently, HTC has problems with the production, because according to Our site, the device will only come in September on the market. On the British at least, since the date of the show at the UK retailer Carphone Warehouse is meant. HTC has covered about whether you have to wait may be even longer on the European mainland. The speech was actually at the presentation of the GSM-EVO in June by an introduction in July. Vodafone has tired of the waiting period and has been in the UK completely from its range just the product. It is feared that it would not claim against the emerging competition. So far, there is only a single 3D Smartphone with the Optimus 3D, which has been available since June, basically.Maybe more than we know Vodafone, and we get faster than to face expected as the Galaxy 3D (which we already wrote here )?

Bootloader release included?

Curious we may also suggest whether the EVO already appear in Europe from the factory with an open boot loader for Android. HTC on Facebook had announced a few weeks ago, first for the sensation and EVO 3D to deliver updates with the release in August and future models of House only unlocked to deliver. Thus, the Taiwanese had eased the pressure of the community which had called for the opening.A boot loader, called the even start program is a software that allows you to start an operating system. Is it unlocked, can users “Custom Roms”, by independent developers to play neighbours firmwares, on the source code of the operating system (in this case the Android source code) are based. The alternative firmwares can be more energy efficient, for example, or include special features.