Gorillapod Grip Tight Video Test: Too Much Inclination

A tripod will help against shaky Smartphone videos. The Joby Gorillapod grip tight video suitable for many models and can be very flexible, but it will not provide really lucky cameramen.

The Gorillapod grip tight video consists of two products, the Joby sold also separately. It’s the “Gorillapod video’ tripod with typical flexible ball legs, magnets in the feet and a tilt / swivel handle, as well as the Smartphone holder grip tight, which can screw your also on every other stand.

With movable legs, you align the tripod on uneven surfaces just and can fix it to railings and other bars. Magnetic feet can keep’s on metallic objects – vertically, such as lights or door frame. You need to make only one of the legs to support down. Are the three magnets a one point, their strength is not sufficient, and the tripod is dropped together with the Smartphone.

The grip tight bracket screws you on the tripod. It is adjustable in height, that’s why your smartphones, which are between 54 and 72 millimeters wide, can clamp quickly and easily. Recently, a XL version of the Mount for large Smartphone and Phablets is available, between 69 and 99 millimetres wide.

The grip tight safely holds your mobile phone even with strong vibrations or awkward positions. I failed in the test despite great effort, to the Smartphone drop out, but had to take it with at least one hand out of the holder.

Smartphone Bows To Unintentionally

With the ball, you rotate the tripod plate 180 degrees to the side and take videos in portrait or landscape mode. With the help of the handle swings her your smartphone at the movies in addition to 360 degrees and it tends to up to 135 degrees. However, the tripod is not strong enough to keep the Smartphone. Her tips it over a certain angle, it does not remain in the desired position, but sinks slowly to the bottom. More stability for a short time we could give the tripod by we attracted the small screw on the side, but already after a short time they had loosened again.

But the unwanted camera movements are not the only defect that renders useless the Gorillapod grip tight video. The tripod is enough to keep a Smartphone in a position on the other, but not sufficiently smooth, although not strong. Swings or tends her mobile phone with the help of the handle and moves most of the time the entire tripod – even if it is attached with the magnet or the legs are tightly looped around a pole. Thus, the purpose of a tripod – for image stability is to ensure does not meet -.

With the grip tight bracket that is individually of course cheaper than with the stand together, you can secure your Smartphone to any tripod and so hopefully record video without unwanted affections. As another alternative for blur-free videos, apps establish itself at the moment. Instagram has just released a program with Hyperlapse which provides quiet films and is suitable for time lapse recording – for otherwise a tripod would be indispensable.

A Tripod Can Be Helpful, But This One Is Not Determined

The idea of Joby Gorillapod grip tight video is good and would be very helpful in the movies if there were not the problems with construction or processing which make unusable the tripod. Then dear that screw grip tight mounting on another tripod or put it on software and a calm hand.