Eroski Mobile Responds: 150 Minutes and 350 MB for 9.99 USD Per Month

In the market of virtual mobile operators not introduce improvements or news every month can mean losing customers by the brain offers best conditions and aware of it today Eroski mobile back to move.

And is that the virtual Basque covered Vodafone Launches a new bonus minutes and Internet at very low price, 9.99 euros a month, on the day when Pepephone, also with Vodafone coverage, will launch one quite similar.

The new CombinaMini of mobile Eroski offers 150 minutes a month in domestic calls in addition to 350 MB for a monthly fee of 9.99 euros. The fee applies in case of exceeding the included minutes base chosen by the customer and in the case of data three cents by mega except with the tariff Soci@l, 2.5 cents per mega.

With this new bonus Eroski mobile continues its successful strategy offer rates that can be used freely with different bonds of minutes and Internet, allowing in this way that if you exceed the price of calls included in the bonds do not fire.

Furthermore CombinaMini develops in one of the most interesting bonds for those who need setting to 100 minutes a month on calls and a reduced bonus data, rivalling in this case by the post to best rate with Ono and Euskaltel, that is obligated to have more products with them, or with the Dolphin 12 of Orange, somewhat more expensive and less minutes but more megs.