Can Mobile Broadband Replace ADSL? -Part 1

Mobile Broadband is synonymous with fluctuating speed and restrictions on consumption. But can a mobile broadband subscription replace an ADSL connection-our site makes the attempt.

We have previously written about this very subject, but can really replace a mobile broadband ADSL connection?

The question can only be answered in one way, and this journalist has therefore taken the consequences and has terminated its ADSL subscription. 

Out with the ADSL modem and in with mobile broadband subscription from the low-cost carrier Oister. The subscription includes 80 GB of data and costs 299 dollars per month, and then we must see if the subscription rows for one whole month’s consumption.

3 g must cope with the ordeal

Oister offers a download speed of up to 21 Mbit and 5 Mbit upload, which on paper fine can replace the current 10/2 Mbit ADSL connection.

To create the connection to the mobile network used a DOVADO Oisters TINY router combined with a ZTE kombatibelt modem MF820D there are both 4 g/3 g compatible. The router has a built-in smart enough data counter, so you can stick with data usage over 3 g connection.

As I have said, the Oister selected as the telecommunications company for the experiment, although the company still only offers 3 g and not 4 g LTE, which otherwise would probably be more optimal for this little experiment.

But Oister currently has the most advantageous offer on mobile broadband, when one looks at both the price and the amount of data included and 299 dollars is no more than what many Danes are paying for their ADSL faithfully every month.

Theory meets practice

How will the experiment go when theory meets practice?

Mobile Broadband is a shared resource, and this journalist has not, therefore, intend to use the connection differently just because data packets are now sent wirelessly instead of through the cables.

The connection must be used in exactly the same way as in the past, so this means that it must be able to clear the PlayStation 3 online games, online backup of large amounts of data, Skype/FaceTime video chat, streaming TV from Netflix and Danmarks Radio, HD video podcasts and all the other things like the current connection can handle.

Follow along over the next 4 weeks, and see how the experiment degenerating.