Airis Mobile Launches Customers Acquisition Program with a Monthly Free

Multiple are programs that have operators to reward customers with different discounts or awards attract new customers being aware that there is no better Ambassador than a happy client.

And now when Airis mobile He saw the light the virtual announced which would free its programme of attracting new customers, with a monthly fee for the sensor, although it is now when this option is enabled and also increasing the reward to the captured.

With the launch of the program on its website Airis mobile has decided that not only the client that captures a new one will be rewarded with a monthly fee of your Internet rate discounting but captured customer you will also receive the same prize.

To invite a friend Airis customers have access to your user area and enter the emails that will be sent an invitation. Once the guest has paid its first instalment getter and captured will see in the next Bill is discounted to the 6.9 EUR the bonus data.

Also should be recalled also that the customers of Airis mobile speak between if zero cents per minute (with 0.15 euros of call set-up) the first ten minutes of each call paying then, or other destinations, 0.9 cents per minute. Each sensor will be rewarded by up to 10 captured customers.